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Holidays in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
"Eco-Tourism Capital of the Philippines"

For tourists and people who love traveling to various holiday destinations around the world, if you're looking for a holiday in the sun with that little bit extra, you’ve found it. Puerto Princesa, situated on the island of Palawan in the Philippines, is reputedly the greenest and cleanest city in the country, with so much more to do than just lie around getting a tan.

When in Puerto Princesa, take a tricycle or multicab, the most commonly used means of transport, to get around and see the place in all its everyday glory, although if you’re thinking of a more serious tour, hiring a jeepney or other air-conditioned vehicle would be more suitable, freeing you up from the vagaries of the public transport timetables.

Puerto Princesa is a heaven on earth for nature lovers, and there are the attractions which take in a whole gamut of interest from beaches to wildlife reserves. A good place to start is the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, which is known locally as the Crocodile Farm on account of the fact that it used to be called the Crocodile Farming Institute. You can go on a guided tour of the crocodiles, or wander around by yourself, taking in the small zoo, where some of Palawan’s native wildlife species are on display. While on your way to or from the Crocodile Farm, you can also visit the Butterfly Garden and view all the beautiful specimens native to Palawan.

Of course, no trip to Puerto Princesa would be complete without visiting the Subterranean River National Park. Usually referred to as the Underground River, it’s a very popular attraction, and it’s necessary to make a prior reservation to travel along it as the number of boats allowed at any one time is limited. It carries the title of “the longest underground river in the world” and stretches for just over eight kilometres. Marvel at the clear, bright, sparkling water and the awesome cave formations as the boat wends it way along the watery, winding path, and come to understand and appreciate just why UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site back in 1999, and why it has recently been voted one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

Island hopping around Honda Bay is also highly recommended. Apart from all the white, sandy beaches, there are many diving sites, enabling the more adventurous to investigate the submerged coral reefs and exotic marine life. Each island offers something different, such as Bat Island, which is home to thousands of bats that come out at sundown and flock towards the mainland in search of food.

There is all manner of wildlife to be seen in the waters around Puerto Princesa, and scuba divers may find themselves swimming alongside manta rays, hammerhead sharks or whale sharks. Meanwhile, for those who like a quieter life, you can go dolphin watching and watch the long-snouted spinner dolphins at play.

Whatever you do and no matter how long you stay, you'll think Puerto Princesa is a true paradise on earth, and you'll soon be planning your return visit.

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