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Puerto Princesa Resorts

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Puerto Princesa Resorts
"Eco-Tourism Capital of the Philippines"

Shoppings and Souvenirs

Puerto Princesa visit would not be complete without buying souvenir items and pasalubong for your folks and friends back home. Favorite items are cashew nuts and delicacies, and wild honey. Seafood fare to take home includes dried fish, semi-dried or ‘lamayo’ style, processed or fresh catch marine products, packed and sealed in the chest boxes.

Handcrafted baskets and native items such as blowguns, rainmakers, tobacco bags, hand woven products and bamboo décor, as well as pearl and fashion jewelries are must-buys for tourists and are available at souvenir shops.

The Sunday market in Barangay San Jose, traditionally known as tabuan, is a popular trading place of products fresh from the farm and the seas. Tabuan activities actually start as early as Saturday afternoon where the vendors sell an assortment of native crops and local products are reasonable prices.

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