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Puerto Princesa Resorts
"Eco-Tourism Capital of the Philippines"

Caves & Mountains Adventures

Caving Adventures

Ugong Rock
Situated in the Barangay Tagabinet, a small karst tower is a foramtion honeycombed with caves.

Several caves going onwards to Sabang;
Lion's Cave, a lion-shaped stalagmite created by droplets from draped-like stalactites.

Cawili Cave, a five (5) ledges of limestone, each storey furnished with odd shaped tables and chairs ventillation comes from Gothic-inspired windows overlooking the village of Cabayugan.

Cavernous Daylight Hole, has a massive gaping entrance that collects the sun and provides the only ray of light.

Taraw Cave
Eastern side of the city in Barangay San Rafael. A scenic and awesomeat the top. The cave provided a safe shelter for the hero of Palawan, Dr. Higinio Mendoza Sr. when as governor of the province during the Japanese Occupation, he persistently fought for freedom with his guerilla forces.

Mountains & Peaks Adventures

Mt. Cleopatra
A 1,593 meters the city's highest peak. At the peak, see a panoramic vistas of the city proper, Cabayugan and the coastline on both sides of the city.

Mt. Beaufort and Thumb Peak, lording over Puerto Princesa Bay and City Proper to Mt. Peel in the central part to Mt. Bloomfield and Mt. saint Paul on the North, among interesting ones.

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